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What Odds in Jean's kitchen, photo by Gerry Strong

For Bookings Please Contact:
Jean Hewson
by phone (709-722-2863) or email

Traditional & Country Variety Show. Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre, Carbonear NL (January 25)

Private Function, Bowring Park Bungalow (August 10)

Festival at Ochre Pit Cove (June 16)
Grates Cove Studios (July 4)

March Hare, Freshwater (March 9)
Festival at Ochre Pit Cove (June 17)
English Harbour Arts Centre (July 7)
Feile Seamus Creagh, Freshwater (September 12)

Carbonear Folk Festival Benefit at U.C. Hall,
Freshwater (June 6)
Festival at Ochre Pit Cove (June 20)
Carbonear Folk Festival (July 18)
English Harbour Arts Centre (July 25)

March Hare, Freshwater (March 12)
Carbonear Folk Festival (July 12)
Festival at Ochre Pit Cove (September 20)
Feile Seamus Creagh, Freshwater (October 28)

What Odds at the Celtic Roots Festival in Carbonear, photo by Frank Parsons 2013
Coffeehouse, Freshwater (March 15)
McNally's, Carbonear (March 16)
Folk Night at the Ship Pub (March 27)
Festival at Ochre Pit Cove (June 21)
Canada Day in Bauline (July 1)
Carbonear Folk Festival (July 20)
Ochre Pit Cove Retreat (July 27)

Carbonear Library (benefit) (October 5)
Carbonear Folk Festival Benefit at McNally's (Nov 9)

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English Harbour Arts Centre, photo by Frank Parsons
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An Dro/Grumbling Old Man,
Growling Old Woman/
Dwyers/ Joey Smallwood's

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